Web Design

More than a pretty website!

Are you ready to impress them?

When your visitors first enter your website, they will spend the first 5-16 seconds deciding whether to stay or leave your website. That is all the time you have to make a great impression and to convince your visitors to explore your site. Great impressions start with a great design!

What makes a website awesome? A website that looks current, has a great color-scheme, good quality graphic content, and well organized information is on its way to be an awesome website. But there is more than just to have a pretty face! Your website will also need a well-structured SEO, and easy to navigate links, and relevant content.

Studies show that a well-designed website helps you build trust among your users. A well-desinged website also makes it easier for users to connect with you, helps generate better customer traffic, improves user interface, and helps increase conversion.

Versaty Group will design that awsome website you always wanted!!

Custom Design

Your website is your signature! At Versaty Group, we understand the importance to shine with your own light! With a passion for strong coding standards, our websites are Search Engine friendly containing proper SEO elements.

Database Driven Websites

Do you need to collect data from your users? Do you need your users to interact with the information on your webpage? Do you need to frequently upgrade your website’s content? If your answer is yes, then you need a database-driven website to allow you to store data and to make changes easily as often as needed.

CMS-Based Websites

If you prefer a CMS-Based Website (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.), Versaty Group will design your website using the CMS of your preference. We offer custom or semi-custom CMS-Based Websites.


Are you ready to sell online? Our E-Commerce websites feature easy to navigate stores. They contain product category lists, product description, related products, shopping cart, lead capture, checkout, and payment methods.

Responsive Websites

Versaty Group uses state of the art technologies to ensure optimal user viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.


Does your webpage need a facelift? Having a dated website may be hurting your business! Versaty Group will help give your old website a new fresh look without compromising the uniqueness of your presence in the internet.